Tandoor .Hunter
Come with: Skewers - 8 pc, Poker - 1 pc, Scoop - 1 pc, Fire-grate - 1 pc, Bowl with spikes – 1..
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For several millennia, Tandoors has been used to prepare delicious meals using heat. The principle of operation is as simple as it is ingenious. The fire lit inside the stove is used to burn wood into coal. The heat concentrated in thick walls and stored inside for a long time. Dishes cooked in Tandoor are juicy and healthy, since no carcinogenic substances are formed during cooking.


In ceramic tandoors it is very convenient to bake a big piece of meat or lamb leg, to cook juicy shaslik or lyulyakebab, as well as all sorts of poultry. You can bake vegetables and fish at the same time. And, on the walls, you can bake delicious tandoor bread and samsa.


In addition to the practical side, a lot of attention paid to appearance. All tandoors are decorated with relief ornaments and forged metal elements. That is why, Tandoor should be perceived not only as a comfortable and beautiful ceramic stove, but also as an exquisite and original element of the exterior.


Tandoors taken to compare with similar products intended for cooking outdoors. Braziers, barbecues, grills, cauldrons and other products. But Tandoor has great advantages:


·       They keep heat for a long time and distribute it evenly throughout the volume. The shape of the vessel and the precisely calculated wall thickness ensure the best temperature control.


·       There is no need for constant monitoring of food preparation. The baking process is reduced to 3 simple operations.


o   Prepare the tandoor and ingredients


o   Place the dish inside the tandoor


o   extract the finished food and serve it on the table


·       Tandoor aesthetic and exotic appearance attracts attention. Over time, the external qualities of products do not deteriorate: tandoors do not rust, do not deform under the influence of high temperatures. Subject to operational requirements tandoor will serve you dozens of years.


And over time, the Tandoor will become your only device for cooking on the open air (as experience shows).

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