Tandoor .Hunter
Come with: Skewers - 8 pc, Poker - 1 pc, Scoop - 1 pc, Fire-grate - 1 pc, Bowl with spikes – 1..
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User Guide



When using the tandoor for the first time or after a long winter break, make sure you gradually increase the temperature to warm up the inside of the tandoor.


The first step is very important and critical to ensure the longevity of your Tandoor. It is necessary to start with a very small fire and slowly add logs to gradually increase the temperature inside the tandoor.


You will notice the formation of microcracks during heating, but do not worry, this is normal and does not affect the performance or durability of the tandoor.


As the tandoor cools, microcracks will decrease and will be less noticeable. They are necessary for the ceramic body of your tandoor to breathe (Thermal expansion).


!!!Never cover the tandoor with a lid while the flame is on!!!


 The lid should be placed on the tandoor only after the flame has dissipated, the walls have turned white and the tandoor is ready for cooking.


Begins to prepare:


- Remove the tandoor cover to the side. Install the grate at the bottom of the --tandoor. Open the ash hole (bottom).


- Loading small piece of paper and small wood chips for kindling.


- Ignite and gradually add more chips, while maintaining a small fire. The task is to evenly warm up the walls and the lower part of the tandoor, and only after that you can begin to gradually raise the flame to the neck, increasing the amount of firewood.


- When the fire burns, the inside of the tandoor will turn black, you will see soot, but then when it warms up enough to start cooking, the inner walls will turn white, because the soot has burned out and fell down.


- Some people prefer to remove the coals before cooking, others evenly distribute them over the bottom of the tandoor, which allows the tandoor to stay warm longer.


- Close the ash hole, load the dishes into the tandoor and close the lid with the cap.


- Do not forget to periodically monitor the cooking process!!!


- As a rule, when cooking in a tandoor, there are no flames, since the access of oxygen is blocked.


Bon Appetit!

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